About Me

Hello folks, and welcome! I’m Amy, the lady behind Wanderers Mercantile. Based out of Boston, Massachusetts I have been a long time maker, urban homesteader, upcycler, wanderer, single mother, and educator.

My craft was born out of necessity. When COVID first hit in 2020, and like so many confined to our homes, I began reorganizing my space. You see, I am an avid collector of all sorts of stuff; miniatures, vintage items, plants, things that hold things such as jars, bowls, baskets and handbags, jewelry, magnets and believe me, I could go on. I realized I was running out of surface space because of all my plants and beloved collections. And so, I taught myself to macrame in order to get plants up into hangers. I had no idea knotting could be so meditative and be a craft from which to create such a plethora of beautiful yet functional items. Also during this journey, I discovered that I could display my plants and moss in, on and around all my various items, creating pieces of living art, essentially.

It’s a thrill to push creative boundaries that are fun and playful by reimagining pieces as plant displays, whether I’m wandering through nature, a thrift store or even through my son’s colossal toy bin.

My taste is eclectic, however, a few things remain constant with my work; inspiration from Mother Nature, a passion for whimsical, innovative and sustainable home decor and creating/curating pieces which reuse materials so as to be mindful of my carbon footprint.

Please wander around the mercantile and see what may strike your fancy.